Awa Sangho

The golden voice of mali

press awa.png
...A work that establishes her as one of th emost powerful and creative African singers now living in the United States.
...what stands out most here is Sangho’s voie. She sings from a deep place, and often channels the melancholy that comes with a life of displacement. Music is her salvation,and both pain and an elated sense of rescue come across in her elegant vocal performances.
This is a big voice, informed by a number of West African traditions but not beholden to any.
The production is unusual and a welcome departure from West African singer/songwriter formulas. there are rich layers of percussion, but no trap drums. The result is an open, airy atmosphere that lets detail come forward.
In all, an exceptional debut, well worth the many years it has taken to reach us.- Banning Eyre, Afropop